After school: Fall registration is open!
Sun, Jun 30 12:56am
The International Charter School of NYC

Dear Parents, and prospective parents,

Our Fall afterschool schedule is up, and we registration is open!

We are delighted to share with you what's in store for afterschool in the fall (Sept - Dec session) and next schoolyear.

For an overview of all after school options, our Fall enrichment class schedule, information about Financial Aid etc. please visit our  After School Webpage

Below is an overview of our new classes, and key dates for the upcoming session. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out at (apologies in advance if response is slow in July).

We wish everyone a great summer, and look forward to an exciting Fall session! 


The after school committee.


New classes in the Fall:

  • Around the World with Ms Shander (K-1)
  • Film & Video with Mr Ellman (G3-5)

  • Beginner / Intermediate French (K-5)

  • Chess Club (K-5)

  • Hip Hop (K-5)

  • Soccer mini-camp (Thursdays, G2-5)

Coming soon in Winter/Spring:

  • Beginner Spanish with Mr V (G2-5)

  • Acting for TV with Mr V (G3 & 4-5)

  • ICS Newspaper with Ms Melissa (G2-5)


Important dates:

  • August 16 - deadline for applying for financial aid

  • August 23 - close of registration

  • September 3 - first day of afterschool enrichment classes

  • September 9 - first day of Kids Orbit

  • December 20 - last day of Fall semester, and afterschool classes