After-School: Enrichment Club - Thursdays
Fri, Feb 2 4:09pm
The International Charter School of NYC

Ms. Bohn is teaching a new after-school enrichment program on Thursdays.


Thursdays, 12:25pm - 1:10pm

Mar 1, 2018 - May 10, 2018


This club's goal will be to encourage the students to become divergent, creative thinkers who recognize problems and solve them. My plan is to present lessons and activities that encourage questioning, higher-level thinking skills, and creativity. The lessons will spiral developmentally through five components: perceiving, reasoning, connecting, creating, and evaluating. We would play games, do challenge problems, and creativity activities. The students will be challenged to problem solve, task risks, and persevere. I can differentiate the lessons to make it accessible to all students and a variety of ages so any student who is interested could sign up.


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