Afterschool: Deadline for Financial Aid application is this Friday
Wed, Aug 14 3:05pm
The International Charter School of NYC

Dear families, 

The Family Organisation provides financial assistance to qualifying families, for children that want to attend teacher-led afterschool classes.  


The deadline for applying for financial assistance is this Friday, August 16th. 


Families that wish to apply for financial assistance need to fill out 2 forms:

  1. To qualify , please apply through the ICS website. This is processed by the school.
  2. Please indicate your class preferences please fill out this form. This is processed by the FO

Once the FO are provided a list of qualifying families / children, funds will be allocated. 
If you have applied for aid, you can expect a decision early/mid next week, in time to register for classes.

In the meantime, please feel free to reach out to the teacher(s) of your preferred classes to let them know you are interested!



Please note: the FO does not provide assistance for classes offered by external providers, only teacher-led classes qualify.


If you have any further questions about financial assistance, please email Matt Sorin

Warm regards, 

Delphine & Matt on behalf of the FO