Calling all chess parents - Say YES to an afterschool chess program at ICS!
Sun, Mar 24 11:03am
The International Charter School of NYC
Hi ICS Parents,

We would like to have a head count to see if parents would consider sending their kids to an afterschool chess program for the NEXT SCHOOL YEAR [please add your name to the highlighted google doc below]. We are hoping to have the program run twice a week in the hopes of building a chess team. Kids will be able to attend the program once or twice a week - without any obligation for one day or another.  
It goes without saying Chess is a fun game that has been implemented in many schools across the city (and around the world!), and in many of them it is a part of the curriculum. Many articles highlight the long list of benefits that chess has for kids and their development - it helps them improve problem solving skills, the ability to plan ahead and foresight, concentration, creativity, memory, spatial skills, learning to navigate through both successes and mistakes.  They show that chess players have better math scores and improve their scholastic grades.  And the list goes on.
**** PLEASE add your name to this google doc if you are interested.  There is NO obligation, this is just a list of potential interest so we can push for the program!
****  THANK YOU!!

Below are some literature/videos for you to read/watch if you still are unsure about whether chess will be good for your child:

1) Succinct article about the benefits of chess in kids... and don't forget to watch the 3 min video linked there:

2)  Another article, and don't forget to scroll down for the 8 min video link:
3) and if you are still not convinced here is yet another:
And there are countless other articles about the benefits of chess for kids, as a quick google search will show.
Happy chess playing!
Lastly here is a very recent heartwarming, inspiring story about an 8 year old overcoming life's obstacles to achieve remarkable results in chess, in our own state of New York: