Family Organization Family Activities Committee Welcome Session!
Thu, Oct 11 8:05am-8:30am
Ava Brew, 100 Willoughby Street
1 day before


Do you have ideas about ways to contribute to our wonderful ICS community?  Or do you simply want to help out?  Please join co- chairs Alisha Anglin-Pagán and Simone Narow  of the Family Activities Committee for a beginning-of-the-year information session!  Items to be discussed:


-Who we are and what we do

-Pajama Movie Nights

-Talent Show

-Various projects such as the Neighborhood List, Summer Meetups and Halloween



We welcome all ideas, big or small!  We are really all about building one big family at ICS that enriches students and parents alike.  


We hope to see you there!

Simone and Alisha