Favorite Lists
Sat, May 4 6:21pm
The International Charter School of NYC

Hi Everyone,


We emailed the Special Teachers and Staff asking their favorites as well.  I compiled all the responses I got into a PDF.  If I get more in the next day or two I will update it.


Your class parents should have emailed you your classroom teacher's favorites.  Email them if you have any questions. 


Nothing is required, but we do know this week of appreciation goes a long way, even for the staff that doesn't necessarily have "teacher" in their title.  


It would be great if you joined in on our themed fun, but no worries if you forget, even a thank you email will mean a lot to all our hardworking teachers.  


Here's a reminder of the week's theme.

Monday: Wear your teachers' favorite color

Tuesday: Bring in a single flower for your teachers.

Wednesday: Deliver a homemade card or portrait of your teacher s

Thursday: Gift your teacher something special (volunteer your time, bake a treat, or buy a gift card)

Friday: Parents, give Ellen a note about why you love your childs' teachers


If you have any questions, feel free to reach out!