Favorites - updated with Ms. Mor & Nurse Pencil
Tue, May 7 7:29pm
The International Charter School of NYC

Hi Everyone!


Fantastic job so far with Teacher Appreciation Week.  I've been getting the nicest feedback from teachers!! They loved (and some were surprised with) the kids wearing their favorite colors on Monday and they LOVED the flowers today!! They said it made them feel so special!


Another shout out to Ingrid & Theo Peck for providing breakfast on Monday morning!!  Also- well received! 


I have updated the Teachers Favorite with Ms. Mor & Nurse Pencil's favorite. 


As a reminder here's the rest of the week...

Wednesday: Deliver a homemade card or portrait of your teacher s

Thursday: Gift your teacher something special (volunteer your time, bake a treat, or buy a gift card)

Friday: Parents, give Ellen a note about why you love your childs' teachers


Also, no worries if you forget or want to send something in "late".  


Remember, It's never too late to say thank you!! (insert cheese-y sound effect)