Food, Culture, and ICS Families - Food Fest 2018! Still Time To Share Your Stories! December 1st - Bring A Dish or Come for the FUN!
Wed, Nov 28 9:32pm
The International Charter School of NYC
name:                                                               Jory Dalrymple 
your child's class:                                                     KB 
your country of origin:                                          Jamaica 
What was it like in your country of origin?     It was sunny and warm 
What is your favorite food memory?             In Jamaica, we used to go to the farm on              Christmas Day to feed the pigs and play with the goats. We would sit down for a big dinner with oxtail, ham, and fruit cake. 
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Open the Link Above (New Window/Copy Paste)! Check out the Chronicles of the Food Fest - Interviews with Matthew, Ellen, and Orbis OUR Owl!


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see you at the food fest   1-4pm  Berkeley Carroll School, 181 Lincoln Place, Park Slope, BKLYN