Healthy Kids Club RECIPE for a Happy and Healthy Summer!
Tue, Jun 18 12:58pm
The International Charter School of NYC

Healthy Kids Club Recipe for a HEALTHY and HAPPY SUMMER!

Sunscreen (try to buy a brand with no harmful chemicals)
Clean filtered drinking water (lots and lots)
Nature (parks, beaches, oceans, lakes, ponds, trees, forests, grass, gardens, etc..)
Fresh Air, outside of the city (even a little bit helps)
Shade/Cool Air
Free time/no schedule
Boredom... often leads to...
New adventures
Water Play/Swimming
Summer rain
Fresh fruits and veggies
Quality time with family
Deep Belly Breaths
Quiet time/Meditation/Presence
Books you love to read
Games you love to play
Directions: Go outside and enjoy the beautiful weather with sunscreen applied between 10-2pm, but make sure you get a little Vit D, before you lather up. We don't get any vit D here in NY between Nov -April. Drink lots and lots of clean filtered water all day and enjoy all the amazing nature that surrounds us. Try to get some fresh air outside the city. If you do visit a forest or do any hiking, please shower after and do a thorough TICK check and remove any promptly. Go watch a sunrise or sunset by the water. Play outside in the warm summer rain. Get bored and see where it leads, it will often lead to fun creative projects. Make art! Listen to your favorite music. Dance! Go to an outdoor concert. There are lots of FREE concerts in NYC all summer long. Hang out with lots of people you love to be with. Laugh with them. Play games with them. Try something you’ve never tried before. Challenge yourself. Try a new sport or new exercise. Go play in a sprinkler. Swim! Eat lots and lots of fresh fruits and veggies. Cuddle up with someone you love and read a new book.  Cool off in the shade or AC often to avoid heat exhaustion. Wind down at the end of the day. Take some deep belly breaths  and be present. Try using the CALM app. Go to bed with sun and wake up with the sun. OR SLEEP IN!
Repeat all steps, as often as possible, for 10 weeks.
Thanks for all your support ICS! Have a fantastically happy and healthy SUMMER! See you in the Fall.
Laura Corrin
Nutrition and Wellness Educator
Healthy Kids Club After School Program (Founder and Director)
Brooklyn, NY
(310) 663-2101 cell
(718) 643-1035 home office