ICS "Underground" Party Fundraiser Spotlight - Double Daring Camp for Girls!
Sun, Mar 31 10:45pm
The International Charter School of NYC



Let's get ready to party!  Friday is shaping up to be a fun-filled evening, with the food catered by Peck's and the alcohol flowing!  So come hang out with the ICS community for an adult-only evening.  For those of you not familiar with our beautiful venue, check out The Green Building's website here.   


Today's spotlight auction item from our annual fundraiser is an amazing summer camp, the "Double Daring Camp for Girls".  Check out their website at doubledaringcamp.com.  Activities include:


Adventures in Girl Power!

Let's get daring! Girls will be guided on an interactive journey through prospect park inspired by messages from daring women like the mythological Circe and the Egyptian Pharaoh Hatshepsut. Girls will use cunning, creativity and teamwork to complete daily missions and learn the stories of the daring women they will encounter throughout their journeys.

Each week our girls participate in a variety of activities, including archery, rock-climbing, acrobatics, and digital storytelling. In addition, they create fine arts and digital media projects that explore self-identity.

They visit or are visited by Daring women who share with them the bold work they do in a variety of different industries. Last year we had an award-winning documentary film director, a DJ and a celebrated author. These women shared their paths as a way of inspiring our girls.

Finally, we integrate our ‘story of the week’ with Camp Half-Blood's allowing the girls to swoop in on Quest Day to usher CHB to victory.


Double Daring Camp looks to the fearless women of history to inspire the growing women of tomorrow.  Sounds incredible!

So please check out this auction item as well as others at 501auctions.com/icsunderground.

If you need childcare for the night's event please stay tuned to Konstella for information in the next couple of days.


Hoping to See you all this Friday!  Please come out to support ICS and help us reach our goal!