ICS "Underground" Party Spotlight - Special Auction Items Offered by ICS Teachers!
Mon, Apr 1 11:46pm
The International Charter School of NYC



Four more days until the biggest party of the year!  Tickets are available here. And it looks like there are still  pay-as-you-wish and discounted volunteer tickets.  Catering is by  Peck's, a great restaurant owned by ICS parents!  Their food does not disappoint.  Shake Shack will also be in the house!


Today's spotlight are the auction items offered by ICS teachers!  Offerings include:


Ms Shuman and Ms. Longman - Museum of Natural History and Lunch Date

Ms. Mor - Family Painting Lesson with Original Painting

Ms. Johnson and Ms. Mikolajczyk - Legendary Lego Luncheon

Ms. Tasini and Ms. Matti - Spa Day

Ms. Touryan and Mr. Moises - Slide Mountain and Swing Valley

Ms. Watson - Karate Lessons with a Friend

Ms. Colon - Stories and Sweets

Ms. Diamond and Ms. Christianson - Lunch and Botanic Garden

Ms. Crespo and Ms. Celia - Ice Cream at the Park

First Grade Teachers - Thursday Afternoon Lunch Date

Second Grade Teachers - Taco Party!


If your kid loves his or her teacher, this would make a great gift.  The teachers usually show up to the party as well, so it's great to see them in a social setting.  No talking about students though!


Friday will be here before you know it!  Looking forward to seeing you there!