ICS Food Festival December 1st - Bring A Dish & Share Your Cultural Story (1 - 4pm Berkeley Carroll School/181 Lincoln Place, Bklyn)
Sat, Nov 17 8:52am
The International Charter School of NYC
Estlinta Charles Debique 
Son : Rohan Charles Debique 
Class: KA
Origin :  St. Vincent and The Grenadines
It was great. We mainly have organic products. When I was young and School gave break, my friends and I used to spend many times picking fresh fruits from trees and eating them right away. Especially mango and sugar apple. Those were the days - all fresth fruit, from the trees to your mouth.  Also the beach was the place to be on school breaks.  My favourite food was chicken, yam and peas cooked together.  I still love it and cook it every time I visit St. Vincent. 
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