ICS Neighborhood List is Back! Signup Instructions below, signup to follow soon
Sun, Sep 30 7:37pm
The International Charter School of NYC



It's that time again!  We are creating the ICS neighborhood list, which is a great resource for families to reach out for meet ups, playdates, or for the chance to meet other ICS families in their neighborhood.  In other words, it's your list, make of it what you will! And as always, participation is 100% voluntary.  This is not done through the administration, it is purely a parent resource.  I'm attaching the 2016-17  list for reference.


This year we are  asking everyone to fill in the information themselves.  We will be posting the signup links soon, it is basically a list of Brooklyn neighborhoods.  Find your neighborhood in the list, click on it and then fill out the google form.  It will save automatically, so there are no additional buttons to push.  This year, there is a comments section if you want to add any other information.  And you can sign up for as many neighborhoods as you wish.   If your neighborhood is not on this list,  or if you have any questions you can shoot us an email at icsfamilycommittee@gmail.com 



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