Last Call to submit for opinions on Next Years Location Questionnaire
Sat, Mar 24 10:50am
The International Charter School of NYC

Hi Parents,


Thank you to everyone who has already filled out the survey for next year's location.   So far we have 131 entries.  


We presented the results and a summary of your concerns at the Board of Trustees meeting at the beginning of the month.  The Board was very happy to hear what our families are feeling.  The overall consensus is everyone loves ICS, some are willing to do whatever they need to make the school work for the education their child is receiving, but there is a good amount of families that find the PS 93 location inconvenient and in some cases not manageable.  Many people brought up the fact that if families aren't dropping off and picking up it will strain the community aspect that we want to grow.  The Board reassured us that their ultimate goal is to be in one building in the downtown area.  


At the end of the week, I will take all the answers and create a document to give to Matthew, Ellen, and the Board members so they can read all the responses.  I will delete the names and emails.  If you would like your opinion to be a part of this compilation, please fill it out before Thursday of next week.  Also note: name and email are NOT required to complete the form.


We also want to state, we know these numbers aren't completely accurate because not everyone filled out the survey.  We are using it more as a way to put all your voices in one place and be able to share the data collected.  For that reason, we will not be calling it a Questionnaire!


Here is the questionnaire:


The Family Organization