League of Young Inventors- Still spaces available for pick up at both locations
Thu, Sep 14 3:18pm
The International Charter School of NYC

Exciting News! Another after school offering for Fridays 1st to 3rd grade only:

The League of Young Inventors, a new STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) program, is expanding its Apprentice Program to offer the ICS community an after school option for Fridays. If you have a child who is entering grades 1-3, loves to tinker, and looking for something fun to do after school, email info@yileague.org to register.

Times/Dates: Classes meet once a week on Fridays starting Sept 15 till mid-January. Each session starts at 4:30 and runs for 2 hours.

Local School Pickup: In coordination with the FO ICS, we will be offering pickup from both ICS locations.

Cost: This 120 minute /16 session class is $600 + $80 for school pickup. Scholarships are available. Reach out for more details.

The League is a one-of-a-kind mix of hands-on science, engineering, and history that helps kids think like inventors. Using their imagination and construction skills, kids look to the past to explore how our modern, mechanical world works.

This fall, students in the Apprentice program will investigate the great "inclined plane" machines of human history (i.e. ramps, wedges, and screws). Build an aqueduct inspired by the Roman Empire! Learn how Egyptian pyramid builders lifted heavy stones 300 feet or higher! Make a screw pump originally designed to save ships from sinking! Projects include aqueduct bridges, spiral ramps, lifting jacks, and mini plows that students put together to build an inventive and intricate marble maze.