Pajama Movie Night- FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) on Ticket Sales - Tickets go on Sale on Thursday October 26th!
Thu, Oct 25 6:53pm
The International Charter School of NYC



Below is a listing of the most frequently asked questions about Pajama Movie Night.  Yes, it's long, but your question is probably on it, so please take a few minutes to read it:


How much are tickets?  Tickets are $5 per person.  


Do I have to purchase a ticket for my child and myself? Yes, every person attending the movie has to purchase a ticket.  If your child is 2 and under you do not have to purchase a ticket for that child.


Does Movie Night sell out? There is limited capacity at St. Joseph's and as such movie night has sold out in the past.   


Can I only go to the movie for the grade that my child is in?  No, any family can go to either showing, regardless of what grade their child is in.


I don't want to purchase my tickets online.  Can I still attend?  First, please make every effort to purchase your tickets online.  If that is not an option please email the Family Activities Committee at with 1) the number of tickets you need and 2) which showing you would like to attend.  Please do this on the first day of sales (10/26/18) as we can not hold back tickets from people who are trying to buy online. You will be purchasing your tickets at the event.


I purchased my tickets online.  Now what?  There will be a ticket desk at the entrance to the gym.  If you have purchased tickets online please check in at the ticket desk prior to entry.


Oh no! Tickets are sold out!  What do I do now?  Occasionally people's plans change and they can no longer attend the movie.  If that happens we will post an announcement and sell these tickets on a first come first serve basis.


Can I purchase concession tickets with a credit card before the event? We were hoping to do this, unfortunately the ticket sales platform is not set up to sell concession tickets in an efficient manner.  So concessions can only be bought at the event.


How do I purchase concessions at the event?  It's easy!  Take your cash (no credit) to the concession ticket table, purchase as many tickets as you want (they are all $1) and use the tickets to get your pizza, popcorn, drinks and bake sale items.


Will I be be able to pay with a credit card at the event? Sorry, on movie night it is cash only.


Shall I bring money in small denominations to the event?  YES!!!!!!!!!  Please do, at least for the first showing.  


Is this a drop off event?  No it is not.  The Family Activities Committee's mission is community building.  We are trying hard to create one big ICS happy family!  So none of our activities are drop off events.  


I'm coming to the first showing.  What time should I arrive? Doors will open at 12:30 for at start time of 1:00pm.  We are still setting up until 12:30 so the doors to the gym will be closed before then.


I'm coming to the second showing.  What time should I arrive?  Doors for the second showing will open at 4pm for a start time of 4:30pm.  If you arrive early please feel free to pitch in and help set up for the second movie!


My child has a food allergy.  Will there be options at the bake sale?  We try to make sure everyone is included, but there are no guarantees since the bake sale items are donated.  It is probably a good idea to bring a treat for your child just in case.


I'm not able to volunteer this time.  What can I do to help at the event?  The biggest help that we get from all the parents and students is picking up after yourself when the movie is over.  This is going to be especially true after the first showing.  So please clean up what you can before you go. Also, please consider donating an item to the bake sale!


I'm volunteering.  Do I need to purchase tickets?  The answer is yes.  We keep the ticket prices low because this is a community building event, but we do need to cover the cost of expenses.


Thank you ICS community!