Parent Volunteer Needed! Orbis Making an Appearance to Promote Movie Night!
Tue, Jan 22 11:58pm
The International Charter School of NYC

Hi ICSers!


The Family Committee needs a parent volunteer willing to play or assist Orbis to promote Movie Night!  It would be for a few minutes during pickup next week, probably Wednesday and/or Thursday.  The idea is to have Orbis and a friend hand out pig erasers to get the kids excited about Babe! It would be ideal to have two parents, so one parent could help on Wednesday at 55 Willoughby and another at 9 Hanover.  But if there is one parent out there will to do both locations, that would be great.  I'm also willing to play Orbis at one location, but I may not be able to play Orbis both days.


Please contact me at if you can help! FYI, the costume won't fit anyone over 5'10".


Thanks in advance for your assistance!

ICS FO Family Activities Committee