Parent Volunteers for Open House Tours- Prospective Families
The International Charter School of NYC

Please join Matthew and Ellen for the open houses and tours at 55 Willoughby and provide answers to families about why ICS is so wonderful and why we love it.  Note, your children are welcomed to help facilitate the tours and answer questions with your guidance:



We all can remember that feeling of going on a variety of school tours trying to gain some sense of the school environment and wanting to find the best school for our children.  As Brooklyn families, we are privileged to have choices for schools and attending these open houses can be imperative in making decisions.  How would you like to come speak to perspective parents to share your experience of ICS and explain why you love our school?  We know the families and children have benefited immensely from ICS, but how can we inform others going through this process.  



If you still want to support the marketing and communications about ICS and cannot attend these open houses, please let us know as there will be plenty of opportunities.