Parents MUST inform Classroom Teachers if your child is enrolled in After-School.
Sun, Sep 9 6:00pm
The International Charter School of NYC

Hi Everyone,


On site after-school starts tomorrow!!


We wanted to remind everyone that it is the parent's responsibility to inform your classroom teacher where your child is going after-school each day.  (You should have received a form from them).  You still need to do this even if you have signed up from on-site after school.


If you are doing on-site after school your classroom TA will walk your child to the pick-up room and your after school teacher will pick them up from there.  They will not leave the building.


Your after-school teacher will let you know where to pick up your child.  


If your child is absent from school, please inform both your classroom teacher and your after-school teacher.  


If you have any questions, reach out to your classroom teacher or your after-school teacher.


The Family Organization


Please note: Brooklyn Strategist does not start til Sept 17th