Science Language and Arts Parenting Series
Tue, Mar 5 5:51am
The International Charter School of NYC
Please join Science Language and Arts A for the next workshop in their Parenting Series.
**Our 9 Hanover location shares space with SLA**
“Parenting into Teenhood: Navigating Adolescence, with Michael Davidovits”
Monday, March 18, 2019
6:30-8:30 p.m.
Science, Language & Arts International School
9 Hanover Place, Brooklyn, NY 11201
Adolescence is a time of transition for both children and their parents. As children seek independence, parents are left wondering about how to adjust limits and set rules in a way that is both supportive and appropriate. And both children and parents are worrying about the many change still to come. 

In this workshop we will gain an understanding of the cognitive, emotional, and physical changes in early adolescence. We will explore strategies to help us stay connected with our children, while getting more comfortable with their greater need for independence. And we will learn how to help tweens and teens manage their stress, while managing our stress about their stress!
This workshop is appropriate for families with children age 8 through high school. Among the questions we will consider are:
- What are appropriate and realistic expectations and limits for a parent to set and how do parents set them?
- How can parents regulate access to social media and the Internet?
- What kind of involvement should a parent have in an adolescent’s schoolwork?
- What are good strategies for dealing with adolescents’ interest in alcohol and drugs, and experimentation with drugs?
Open to the community!  Limited childcare seats available for a nominal fee
About Dr. Michael Davidovits
Michael Davidovits, PhD, LCSW, is a teaching faculty member and Assistant Director of the Project for Adolescents and their Families at the Ackerman Institute. He is also a lecturer in the Narrative Medicine Program at Columbia University, and a clinical supervisor in the Family Medicine Residency Program at the Columbia University School of Medicine. Dr. Davidovits offers frequent trainings throughout the metropolitan area on conducting family therapy with adolescents, and maintains a private practice in Manhattan.