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The International Charter School of NYC
  • Ingrid Thoonen
  • Class 1A Child: Saskia Thoonen
  • The Netherlands - Growing up it was all about being a kid and feeling free. No homework until sixth grade, playing with friends after school at their house or yours, playing outside without supervision exploring your surroundings and walks in the woods on the weekend. In winter it would be dark out until 9 am and getting dark again by 4 pm. We would skate on the canals and small lakes in winter time. From age four you would know how to ride a bike in the street and ride next to your parent to get to school or into town. It is the bike country of the world!
  • What I remember most is “gezelligheid”, a phenomenon that I have found hard to replicate in the rest of the world. It is a feeling inside of you  and something you share with family and friends. The best way to describe it is probably cosy, yet spontaneous & unscripted time with family and friends.
  • Yes, the Dutch are known for the windmills, wooden shoes and open-mindedness, but there is so much more! The Dutch are innovators, having produced some of the best artists in the world, and are often at the forefront of helping people and countries in need. It is a great small nation located across from the UK in Europe.
  • I am proud to see the early influences of the Dutch in New York. New Amsterdam still exists in many ways...street names, architecture, etc. I came to NY in my twenties, but will never forgot my Dutch roots. My kids speak Dutch, celebrate Dutch holidays, watch Dutch movies and we read Dutch books at bed time. We try to blend both cultures together as much as possible and spend a part of the summer overseas. You adapt, but sometimes I miss my family and am homesick for sure.


  • My favorite food memory is cooking multi-course meals for various holidays and being able to go home with one or two friends and have a sandwich lunch prepared by mom before returning to school for the afternoon session. By far my favorite food is chicory mashed together with potatoes and bacon. Served with jus and meat on the side. Most missed: all the various types of bread, a specific cherry pie, various cookies, certain condiments, rijsttafel (an Indonesian influenced food selection), and the many varieties of licorice.


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