Survey for Interest in All Boys After-School Program
Tue, Feb 5 11:12am
The International Charter School of NYC
Hi Parents!
Happy Tuesday! I hope this email finds you well. I know you are super busy, but I'd like to grab your attention for 2 minutes if I can. I am interested in adding an additional after school program to the roster. This program is very unique in that it has never been offered at ICS. I have put together a google form to see how many parents would be interested in such a program. I ONLY have 10 questions for you to answer. It will not take much time because all you have to do is "check" a box (with the exception of 1 question.) This will help me a GREAT DEAL to get some feedback from the parent community. I've already spoken with a number of families and they LOVE the idea, but I'd like to engage everyone so I can put together the most powerful & dynamic program for the school! 
Cindy McField-Asamoah
The Boys' Room