The Book Fair Needs You! Sign up for a time slot to volunteer
Mon, Mar 11 2:45pm
The International Charter School of NYC

March 20-22 is our first on-site book fair and we need volunteers to help make it happen!


You can sign up for one or more shifts (each is 2 hours or less). Grandparents and other family members are welcome to help as well. We need people to set up, help kids select and pay for books, run the register, and break down the fair. It's a fun way to help support the Family Organization and get kids excited about reading!



 (you will need to sign in)


If you want to sign up when your kid(s) is going through, here is the schedule:

Wednesday, March 20
8:50 KA
9:10 KB
9:30 KD
9:50 1A
10:10 1B
10:30 1D
10:50 3A
11:10 1C
11:30 3B
1:10 2B
1:30 2C
1:50 2A
2:10 4A
2:30 4B
Thursday, March 21
9:30 KC


Thank you!