The ICS Neighborhood List is Being Updated in Time for the Winter!
Fri, Dec 22 9:26pm
The International Charter School of NYC



The winter months are here!  The Family Organization is updating the ICS neighborhood list in time for the winter break.  Anyone who wishes to add their name to the list please send an email to  with the following information: 


Neighborhood-please don't forget this

Parent's Name(s)

Student's Name(s)

Student's Grade

Preferred contact information


Please make your submissions by Sunday, December 24th.  The list will be posted here on Konstella on Monday December 25th.  For those of you not familiar with the list, I have attached a copy to this announcement (you have to go to Konstella to see it).  Again, participation on the list is 100% voluntary.


Thanks and Happy Holidays!

FO Family Activities Committee