Ticket Information Regarding the ICS Talent Show- Purchasing Multiple Tickets
Wed, Apr 18 1:52pm
The International Charter School of NYC

Hi all,


Here is the link to purchase tickets for the event: https://www.hisawyer.com/ics-family-organization/schedules?schedule_id=camps&sched_ids[]=9017


1) If you have not used Sawyer before:

You will have to register to purchase tickets.  However, you will only be able add one attending child's name at that time.  To add more people, including adults, click on the drop down next to "Welcome" on the upper right and select "Manage Account".   Then select "My Children" on the upper left of the page and then add the names of all that are attending.  Make sure to select the button that says "Add Child" and make sure the names you have typed in appear in a list on the left of the "My Children" page.  A pop up should appear to notify you that the name has been saved.


2) If you have used Sawyer before:

After you log in, follow the directions from the paragraph above to add the names of all attendees, including the adults.  


3) After adding all the names it's easier to just close out and then click on the link again to purchase the tickets.


I hope this was clear!  Looking forward to a great event!


ICS Family Activities Committee