UNICEF - Kids Helping Kids campaign
Tue, Oct 31 7:40am - Mon, Nov 6 5:00pm
55 WIlloughby and 38 Lafayette

Hoping you all picked up UNICEF boxes from parent volunteers over the past few days.  The ICS Family Organization is participating in the ‘Kids helping Kids’ UNICEF* campaign this year to help our kids know they can make a difference in the world and be a power for good.


Kids who would like to participate can collect coins in the special orange UNICEF boxes.  They may collect the donations while trick-or-treating, by asking friends and family, or by doing special tasks like selling cookies to earn money.  We know you’ll make sure they do this in a wise and safe way.


UNICEFusa.org/stories has many wonderful videos to help kids see where children need help and how UNICEF is helping.  It’s very important that they understand the good they’ll do.  The money collected this year will mainly go to help those suffering from Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria and from the earthquake in Mexico.  Many children need temporary shelter, clean water, food, and schools.


Boxes/money should be returned on 1, 2, 3, or 6 November to the parent volunteers at the entrances to 55 Willoughby and 38 Lafayette at dropoff or pickup.   Do not return money to your child’s teacher – this activity is organized by the Family Organization.  Please email icsdiversity@gmail.com with any questions or if you need a UNICEF box (we have a dozen left and can get to you at dropoff on Tuesday if you say which building.)


Every cent counts!  If you miss the deadline, email icsdiversity@gmail.com or use the box instructions to see how and where to send the collection on to UNICEF.



*UNICEF (The United Nations Children’s Fund) was formed in 1946 as part of the United Nations with a specific mission to focus on the needs of the world’s at-risk children; providing nutrition, medical care, education and clean drinking water.  Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF is in its 67th year.  It’s the longest running “kids helping kids” campaign in the world.  Children in USA and Canada have raised over $177 million dollars, saving millions of lives.

A little money goes a long way!  90¢ out of every $1 directly helps children. $5 can feed a malnourished child for 5 days. $15 can provide a child with clean, safe water for one year. $30 can protect 100 kids from measles.  $100 can protect 100 kids from malaria. $500 can provide a water pump to give pure water to a whole village.