Welcome from the Literacy Committee!
Tue, Sep 17 9:16am
Greetings ICS!!!
Are you interested in books and reading?
Well, we certainly are(!) ... and our Literacy Committee events are designed to bring the joy of books to all ICS students and their families.
In a few months, we’ll be inviting you and your kids to share in the reading experience when we kick off “One School, One Book”. Then, in the Spring, we’ll bring you a chance to discover and explore new stories, characters and adventures, with our Scholastic Book Fair. In the mean time, we welcome anyone who wants to join our committee to sign up on Konstella!
We leave you now with this little lyric from the recent Mary Poppins movie...
“The cover is not the book, so open it up and take a look!”
Looking forward to adventuring with you all in a few short months.
Yours in reading, 
Co-chairs Antonia Quinn & Jon Rothstein, and the book-minded, story-loving, hard working members of... 
... The Literacy Committee!