What you need to know about Scholastics!!
Sun, Jan 28 6:56pm
The International Charter School of NYC

We hope One School One Book has been a hit in your home!


On behalf of the Literacy Committee we wanted to put out a quick FAQ about ordering books from Scholastics.  Some of you may have received flyers in your child's folder.  



All orders go through your teacher, so if you haven't received a flyer please email your teacher.  If your teacher is not participating, ask if they can refer you to a teacher who is.  Scholastics is not affiliated with The Family Organization - although we do fully support it!! 


1. How do I order?  You can fill out the form sent home by the teacher but it is easier to order online.  Just create an account.  (It will ask you to find your teacher.  Just search for our school by zip  code and then a list of teachers will appear.  You can also input your classroom code if it was provided to you.)
2. Is there a deadline? The teachers set their own deadline every month when they submit the order, so please email your teacher to find out your deadline.  Usually they submit an order a couple times a year, so you should have multiple chances.
3. Does the school make money from this? The teachers get books for their individual classroom based on the number of sales.
4. My child wants more Humphrey!! Does Scholastics sell Humphrey books?  Yes they do, simply search "Humphrey" on the site and they will appear!!!
We hope that helps!! Again, if you have any questions, email your teacher! 
The Literacy Committee 
The Family Organization