Sun, Apr 1 9:51pm
The International Charter School of NYC

What a night!

We are so grateful to all of our sponsors who provided ALL the food and drinks:


Grey Goose and Bacardi Rum




the STELLAR Fundraising Team:


Cherese Blessette aka Ian’s mom

Eileen Blydenburgh aka Reagan's mom

Meredith Craig de Pietro aka Lincoln's mom 

Peter Engel aka Mavis’s dad

Alison Friedman aka Emmeline’s mom

Joanna Johnson aka Leni's mom

Jacqueline Kotler aka Lily’s mom

Eve Martinez aka Tava's mom

Amit Schechter aka Maia's dad

Ben Swire aka Quinn's dad

and all of the hardworking parents who helped make the night happen:

Angela Ceresnie aka Dalia’s mom

Laura Corrin and Patrick Gallo aka Luca’s parents

Shannon Dressler aka Elyse’s mom

Joe Dressler aka Elyse's dad

Sena Dubois Curtis aka Fabio's mom

Megumi Nezu-Durham and Jason Durham aka Akaia’s parents

Alexandra Estevez aka Sophia and Jeremiah’s mom

Elizabeth Ewald aka Maryem’s mom

St. John Frizell aka Chester's dad

Kyle Ferrara & Adrien Gallo aka Charlie's parents

Lee Ilan aka Mavis’s mom

Teja Madhavan aka Sienna's mom

Rosemary Medel aka Efrain's mom

Alan Rapp aka Vera’s dad

Kelly Reynolds aka Natalia’s mom

Melissa & Dan Saunders aka Lulu's parents

Florie Wilder aka Layla’s grandma

Jenna Yasgur aka Clementine's mom


...and most of all to YOU, the parent community who make our little school so out of this world.

Thanks to all who participated, we raised over $27,000 last night, and we don’t want to stop there! We know we can reach $30,000 so we’re asking for your help.

Starting right now, you can bid on one week of summer camp at the Brooklyn Heights location of NY Kids. 

You can also click here to purchase an ICS tote bag

Just feel like a giving a gift? We take those too!

Make a donation in any amount here.

Aside from allowing us to throw fun parties like last night, these funds we raise are essential for the well being of the Family Organization. Movie nights, diversity events, teacher grants for class projects, teacher appreciation events, after school financial assistance and so much more are covered by these fundraising efforts.

Thank you again for the good times and continued support.

From the ether,

Eve, Joanna, Meredith and the Fundraising shining stars