Crafting Sub-Committee

Hi Parents,


We are starting a Crafting Sub-Committee.  If you are interested in helping install the Bulletin Board and oversee other craft activities at our events, please join.


By starting this sub-committee we will be able to easily let those interested in helping know when there is a project that needs to be done.


We will break projects down into tasks, so that more people can help - making it easier to accomplish and less work for just a few people.  Some tasks can be done at home (such as cutting things out), others will be done during the day (such as installing the bulletin board), and others will take place at events.


By joining this sub-committee you will get information about when you can help.


After that you will be able to  sign-up to help on different projects.


We plan to make this a fun sub-committee.  The more the merrier!!!

Positions (1/2 filled)

Lead Crafters Signed Up: 2 / 2

Members Signed Up: 13 / 50

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