(Possible) Strike Related Information...
Thu, Feb 7 2:39pm
Thornhill Elementary
Hello Everyone...
Like many of you, my wife and I  are concerned about the possibility of Oakland teachers going on strike, and soon. And like you, we want to know what's going to happen with Thornhill during a teachers' strike, should it occur.
I maintain that the best course of action is get as much concrete information about a subject before deciding a course of action. However, there remains a deal of uncertainty about when a strike could occur...again, should it occur. For example, many dates have been bandied about when the first "possible" strike could be. This is causing an amount of confusion because we would all like to begin preparing for child care during the day should Oakland teachers take up positions on the picket line.
But, as of now, Thursday, afternoon, I can't give you an exact date for when a strike may start. There are many of us on the PFC Board who are working to get as much concrete information as possible about this and as soon as we know, we will let you know. I ask that you try not to live by hearsay information you might pick up along the way.
However, there are three pieces of information about the school itself that I can confirm and I hope will help with your planning efforts.
1. The school will be open and all efforts will be made to keep safe any students that come to school.
2. Adventure Time will be open for its standard hours.
3. Enrichment classes will be running per their schedules.
Any questions about AT or enrichment classes should be taken directly to those organizations.
And, again...We will pass along any new information we get as soon as we can confirm it.
Thank you for your patience,
Rex Crum
PFC President