A Letter from Adventure Time
Fri, Sep 6 9:55am

Dear Thornhill Families,

Adventure Time would like to express our gratitude to the Thornhill community for the
outpouring of love and generosity for our beloved Director, Pam Kordosky. Thank you to all the  parents who stopped by to share stories of Pam, give hugs and express words of encouragement.

Caring for your children these past few days has sustained us and helped in our process of

We would like to thank PFC President and AT parent, Rex Crum for organizing the GoFundMe
account  for Kevin and Fiona. The generosity of this community has been truly overwhelming and we know will be much appreciated.

A very special thank you to Principal Daubenspeck who reached out to Adventure Time
immediately after news about Pam was received. We can’t thank him enough for his offer to
notify the community in a school wide email. Also, his offer to secure grief counselors and other support to help the children, parents, faculty and staff was invaluable and so appreciated.

Pam loved her Thornhill kids and families. Thank you for the incredible love and generosity you have shown her and her family.

Adventure Time