Annual Fund Update Week 3 - Only one week left!
Mon, Sep 26 10:15am

Hello Thunderbirds!

We have reached 73% of our $200,000 goal with 44% of families participating! Week after week, we are so impressed by how the Thornhill parent community comes together to support our students - Thank You! 

We also want to thank those who have shared our Annual Fund campaign with extended friends and family and to those pursuing company matches - we truly appreciate the thoughtfulness!

We would love to see 100% of our families participate, with any amount counting toward participation. Your donation goes directly to the classroom and is critical in maintaining the quality experiences we want for our students. We still need to raise just over $50,000 - Help us get one step closer to our goal of $200,000 - Donate Today!


And EVERY CLASS with 80% participation or higher by THIS FRIDAY September 30th will receive a…

Ms. Drolen's class has held on to the top spot for 3 weeks in a row with Ms. Steimle's, Ms. Gustafson's and Mr. Thompson's classes not too far behind. How many popsicle parties can we host this year?! It's anyone's race and we are on the edge of our seats to see which classes will be awarded!

Here are the current class standings:

Ready to donate? Great! There are a variety of ways to submit your donation:

Thank you for your continued support!


Adrienne Selke, Catrina Vrankovich and Stefani Miller

Annual Fund Co-Chairs