BSDD Update + No School Tomorrow!
Thu, Sep 27 4:24pm
Thornhill Elementary
This is it - the final days of the Back to School Donation Drive!
Thank you so much to the families who have participated. A third of our Thornhill community has been able get us nearly two-thirds of the way to our goal, but we are still $68,000 from the total, and our campaign is coming to a close!
We want to continue the tradition of excellent education that has been a hallmark of Thornhill Elementary for the past 60 years. From our amazing teachers and staff to the programs like P.E., music, art, and computers, it is the support of our community that makes this possible. Please consider participating at whatever level is right for you. 
More information and ways to give on our website. Don't forget, our thank you gift this year is a cool Thornhill trucker hat! 
Thank you,
Adrienne Selke & Rianna Stoll
BSDD Co-Chairs