Calling all Harry Potter fans & other Auction News!
Thu, Mar 18 3:22pm

Hey Thornhill Community,

We are excited to announce our first virtual party happening at the end of the month!

Grab your Gryffindor scarves and wizard wands and join other Harry Potter fans on a tour of London. We'll take a broomstick ride to the real entrance to Diagon Alley, before we pop down to see the Ministry of Magic, and floo powder over to the magic barrier at King's Cross station. Brush up on your wizarding world knowledge as there will be trivia to see which house wins the House Cup. This event is hosted by a quick-talking Scottish stand-up comedian & gets great reviews, so don't miss out of the fun!


This virtual live event happens Wednesday March 31st from 3:30-5pm. Cost: $40 per family. All that's needed is internet connection and tablet or computer with camera. Got Harry Potter gear? We'd love to see it. Register now as we expect this event will sell out.


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Virtual Live Auction is 

May 1st 6:00-8:00pm