Chromebook + Packet Distribution
Mon, Aug 24 6:23pm
We will have another Chromebook distribution this Friday, August 28th from 9-11am. Distribution will be on the Thornhill campus, on the sidewalk next to the TK trailer when you enter on the Alhambra side. Parents should fill out the Chromebook Request Form, and also make sure they've taken the district-wide Oakland Undivided Tech Check Survey, which will be used to distribute donated devices from the Oakland Undivided campaign. You may not get a confirmation email from your Chromebook Request Form, but if you filled it out, we suggest you come to Thornhill on Friday to pick it up.
We will also be printing packets again for next week--we'll have them out in holders on the outside of the fence next to the TK trailer, where you picked up the first week's packets, any time after 8:30am on Friday August 28. Parents can request one here to give us a good idea of how many to print.