Donate by September 16 for the Thornhill insulated tumbler!
Fri, Sep 13 2:15pm

Thank you so much to those families who have already contributed to the Back to School Donation Drive! Your support helps provide teachers’ aides, a PE coach, a librarian and books, music and art instruction, computers, classroom supplies and so much more.

With 30% of Thornhill families contributing, we've raised more than $113,000, so we're well on our way to the $200,000 goal! Mr. Thompson's class leads the pack with 48% participation, but Ms. Nobusada's and Ms. Whalen's class are close behind with 44% and 42%, respectively. Amazing! 

Families who donate by Monday, September 16th will receive a Thornhill insulated wine tumbler and all donors, no matter when they donate, will receive a Thornhill button (one per student). 

As a reminder, you can donate via check (look for the bright yellow envelope your kid(s) brought home) or online via PayPal. Either way, you can pay a lump sum or in installments. 

Thank you so much for all you do to make our school outstanding!


Back to School Donation Drive (BSDD) Committee
Adrienne Selke, Erin Fredrick, Rianna Stoll, Christine Pereira