Enrichment Drop-Off / Pick-Up Procedures - IMPORTANT, please read!
Fri, Sep 14 2:50pm
Thornhill Elementary
From Sally:

REMINDER: Any student enrolled in an Enrichment Class on Wednesdays during the second hour of classes (starting 2:35pm), must either be registered in a class before the second class or have some form of child care/supervision for that hour that they wait for the 2:35pm classes to start.
If you do not have supervision or AT, you must either sign up for the Homework club that will be made available from 1:25-2:25pm or another Enrichment class.
Students are not allowed to hang out on the playground unsupervised at any time.   
Please contact Sally Bonini to sign up for the Homework Club. This class is only available for students that are registered in Enrichment Classes that begin at 2:25-2:35pm.
The cost for Homework Club is $10 per week. We have 12 weeks left for this session, so the total cost will be $120. Students will be provided a quiet place to do homework, with some assistance from the instructor. At the end of the hour, they will be sent to their class.
If your child is just hanging out before the second hour of classes with no supervision, you may be asked to remove your student from the class they are registered for with no refund.
PICK UP FROM ENRICHMENT: All students registered and attending Enrichment classes must be picked up by a responsible adult that the parents have listed on their Student Enrichment Registration and Pick Up Form. No student will be released to walk home from class. This is a liability and safety issue for the school.  
If you have questions, please refer to the Parent Information page or contact Sally Bonini (sally.bonini@sbcglobal.net).