Halloween Costume Parade!
Mon, Oct 31 1:15pm-1:30pm
Thornhill Elementary playground

It's baaaaaaaack!

Parents, join us on the playground for Thornhill's Halloween Costume Parade!!!

We'll start right on time at 1:15pm on Thornhill's playground for the parade. Many classrooms are also hosting class parties either before or after the parade, so look out for that information from your room parents as well.

Please note that Monday is NOT a minimum day (as in years past), but you can choose to take your child(ren) home early from school if you would like - please make sure to tell your teacher(s).

Leave ample time to park! All parking rules are in effect - be nice to fellow parents and our neighbors! Parking tickets have been given during big events...

Students can wear their costume to school this year (if they want), but should bring a change of clothes just in case. No (costume) masks, no blood, no fake weapons.

Happy Halloween and here's some pictures from years past!