Hangover Online Auction Sell-Off ends TONIGHT 9 pm
Tue, Mar 28 9:40pm

The big auction sell-off ends TONIGHT at 9 pm. 

 There were a few things that didn't sell during the online auction, a few donations that came in after the auction, and centerpieces and hosted parties that we need to sell. Remember all proceeds go to Thornhill PFC!

So with that being said, we are announcing Thornhill's


Ends today, Wednesday, March 29th at 9 pm

This is not an auction, all items are gone once they are sold so make sure to act fast

Take me to the Hangover Auction!


 Encore climbing pass and Parents Night Out passes.

Introductory class We teach martial arts, fitness, self discipline, self defense, whole health, weight loss, karate, balance for all ages.     We teach all types of students ages four to seventy-four, men and women. Purchase now for $35 ($100 value).  

Also, there is still time to buy your tickets to a hosted party

Ticket sales for each party will remain on sale until a few days before party or when they are sold out. There are still many fun parties that have not met their max tickets.

If there is a hosted party you would love to attend but cost is prohibitive, please reach out to benefit@thornhillschool.org