Information about Traffic and QuickDrop
Fri, Apr 9 10:25am

Hi Thunderbirds - it was great to see so many happy faces back at school last week, and we look forward to seeing even more over the next month. Please use these pro tips to keep everyone safe, and make drop-off and pick-up as stress free as possible for kids, parents, and our neighbors: 

QuickDrop (before school only)

Starting at 12:10, you can quick-drop students in either of two drop zones: in front of the school on Thornhill (white zone) or on the side of the school on Alhambra. Your student(s) should wait in the vehicle until a Thornhill staff member checks your ParentSquare app, and then be ready to hop out and go in to the school! Please do NOT make a U-turn in front of the school on Thornhill as you are exiting the drop zone. Parents are encouraged to turn right onto Thornhill after using the Alhambra drop zone so traffic doesn't back up on Alhambra. You can make a U-turn at Merriewood.


Legal parking around the school can be found on Thornhill Dr south of the school, a small number of spots on Thornhill across from the school, on Gouldin Rd, or in the St. John's church parking lot. Please do NOT block/park/U-turn in front of the apartment building across from the school! Parking is also not allowed on Thornhill in the white zone in front of school, north of school, or on Alhambra.

For even more details (including a great map), review the newly updated Parking and Drop-off webpage (

We are also looking for 1-2 volunteers every day from 12:15-12:45 to help with traffic flow and pedestrian safety.

Sign up here:, or email Christa Pennacchio at with any questions or suggestions!