Information for re-enrolling your student for next year
Fri, May 1 1:21pm

Good Morning Thunderbird Families,

Please let us know by Monday, May 4 if you are returning to Thornhill: 

I hope this finds you and yours all safe and healthy.  I miss seeing the kids and parents. My little part of the world has changed in ways I would never have imagined but I and my family are doing well. We have our health and each other.

It is hard to even think about next fall and what it might look like but I must tread forward in planning.  I want to let you know that registration will be online again this year but not through school mint. Re-enrollment and registration will be done through Aeries (our student data base). You will need a "Pass Code Verification" to register a new account as well as your student's permanent ID number.  This may prove to be daunting but I have the PCV  and ID number for each student.  If you need the code and number, email me and I can get it to you for your student. 

You will be able to access it via the parent portal which can be found here:


The district will be reaching out to you as to when this process can begin. The most important piece they are asking me for  is to find out which of you will NOT be returning to Thornhill in the fall. If you are moving on, please reach out to me and let me know. If you could let me know by tomorrow,  I would so appreciate it.  


Thank you in advance for your help with this.


Sherry Kaetzel