Konstella & ParentSquare & all things communications!
Fri, Aug 5 1:38pm

Welcome to a new year, Thornhill families!

This email focuses on Konstella and ParentSquare, so please visit the Thornhill website on all the ways to stay connected with Thornhill including our newsletter, google calendar, social media, and more!

Konstella & ParentSquare: What’s the difference and why do we have both? 

  • Konstella is Thornhill’s communications platform for Parent Faculty Club (PFC) announcements and parent-to-parent communication. There are classroom groups, committees, the school directory, a calendar, the opportunity to share photos, and more. 
  • ParentSquare is the official communications platform for OUSD as well as for Thornhill’s administration and teachers.

While official school information will come from ParentSquare, there are many things Konstella does for us that ParentSquare can’t do!

Konstella provides a space for us to reach everyone (like we are doing now!) with information about community events, fundraisers, and other activities. PFC committees need a space to brainstorm and plan, and Room Parents in each classroom need to be able to communicate about class parties, gifts for teachers, etc. Thornhill families need to be able to find each other for playdates and other kinds of parent-to-parent communication.

In the next few weeks, you’ll see that you and your child(ren) have been assigned to your classroom groups and any committee you’re in (or join in the future!). Konstella is also a schoolwide directory—not only can you contact the other parents/guardians in your class, you can search for anyone at the school by name or kid's name.

Important note: The Thornhill PFC also has a weekly newsletter that you’ll find in your email inbox every Tuesday. The purpose of the newsletter is to put everything you need to know for the week in one place, as well as share fun news and updates from the school community. We try to meet everyone where they are communication-wise, we don’t want you to miss anything! Sign up for the newsletter here.

How to Sign Up for Konstella

If you are getting this directly, you are obviously already in! We will be adding new families into Konstella as we get this information from Thornhill in the coming weeks. Learn more on our website or pass along the link to join to fellow families. 

Download the Konstella app, available on both iPhone and Android! Please note that Konstella looks and acts a bit differently on a computer/laptop/desktop vs. the app. Both get you the information you need! (If anything is acting weird on the app, Konstella advises to delete and reinstall the app.)

How to Customize Your Settings

After you have registered in Konstella, you can customize your privacy settings and notifications either on desktop or in the app.

Desktop: Click on your name in the upper left corner and go to “Account Settings.” From there are three tabs for Basic Info, Privacy, and Notifications.

App: Click on the Settings wheel in the upper left corner and choose “Privacy Settings” and “Notifications” to change either/both of those settings.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email Konstella Co-Chairs Erin Proudfoot & Julie Hybl at konstella@thornhillschool.org.

We'll see you at school on Monday, August 8th! Go Thunderbirds!