Letter from Mr. Daubenspeck
Sat, Feb 16 6:12pm
Thornhill Elementary
Possible Teacher Strike Information
February 16th, 2019
Dear Thornhill Community,

This is to let you know that the independent fact-finder's report came out yesterday, and OEA announced today that its members will go on strike this Thursday, February 21st, IF no agreement is reached before then.  The key word is IF.  I will be updating you as I get information. 
As you know I care about our teachers as much as I care for our kids and community.  As a former teacher of six years in OUSD, I am thoroughly in support of Oakland's amazing teachers.  I am hoping that teachers can be paid a livable (Bay Area) wage, and have working conditions that make teaching a sustainable job.  Working conditions of supporting teachers and schools where every child can succeed.  Teaching is after all the most important job in the nation.  Yet on all levels education is not funded for success.  Our teachers work above and beyond what most professions ask of people.  At Thornhill in particular, every one is a leader and has additional jobs at school to make our school the wonderful place that it is.  I am hoping that an agreement can be reached between OUSD and OEA to avoid a strike.  
If there is a strike, I will be at school every day.  I will just be trying to keep the students who come to school safe.  However the day before, on February 20th, I will be joining a contingency of OUSD principals going to Sacramento to advocate on behalf of our schools, attending a forum with State Superintendent Tony Thurmond and hopefully additional meetings with government officials. 
Once again, OEA members will go on strike February 21st IF no agreement is reached before then.   I will keep you posted.  Enjoy the weekend, this will all work out in the end.  In the mean time show our teachers some love!
Sincerely in support of Oaklands amazing teachers!
Mr. Daubenspeck
PS: You can also read the OUSD press release at: