Meet Alia Dolan, our Thornhill Social Worker!
Thu, Oct 22 7:20pm

Hello Thornhill,

This week we’re highlighting another very important member of our Thornhill PFC staff, Ms. Alia Dolan, our School Social Worker. Ms. Alia offers support to our students, teachers, and families, which is always important, but never more so than during this turbulent year. She has been engaging our students in focused discussions around emotional well-being, social-emotional growth, and anti-racism. Your donation to the Thornhill Annual Fund, goes directly to funding amazing resources for our student community, like Ms. Alia.

Dear Thornhill Community,

Welcome back to this unique school year! My hope is that we are all finding ways to manage the multiple competing priorities and stressors we are experiencing during this challenging time. My name is Alia Dolan, and I have the privilege of going into my second year as your Mental Health Consultant/Specialist, generously funded by the PTA. I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and have worked with youth in school, residential, community and home settings since 1997. In a nutshell, my role is to work with all members of our community, including students, families and staff, in order to achieve overall emotional wellness that supports optimal conditions for learning (and living!).

I wanted to communicate that one part of my role this year will be to lead class groups, concentrating on both social emotional learning, and anti-racism curriculum that I have developed. This curriculum will be influenced by sources such as Black Lives Matter, Teaching Tolerance, and Restorative Justice. These groups are process groups aimed at deepening connection with one another, practicing social skills such as listening and reflecting empathy, and increasing awareness and appreciation of differences in identity, lifestyle, and culture.

Our K-3 students will be engaging in monthly groups that teach primarily through diverse literature recommended by the OUSD Office of Equity, and discussion prompts that involve both learning words associated with developing a lens of anti-racism (such as prejudice, diversity and discrimination), and helping to become connected through appreciation of differences and diversity within our community. Our fourth and fifth grade students will partake in bi-monthly groups that have content heavily focused on connection, anti-racism, and a deeper appreciation for the diversity of every person and family in our community. Included in these conversations are the events of this past summer pertaining to police violence against Black people and people of color, and exploring racial bias, prejudice and discrimination.

Each grade’s curriculum has been developed at an age appropriate level given my clinical experience with child development and clinical work with kids. However, I acknowledge that each child is different, and the range of development is variable. Should you have any questions or concerns, you may always feel free to email me at It is an honor and privilege to continue my work with your children, and the community as a whole this year.

Warmly, Ms. Alia


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