OUSD Strike Information
Tue, Feb 19 3:39pm
Thornhill Elementary

Good Afternoon Parents,


We are not sure if you received the following information from OUSD. If you have, we apologize for the duplication of information but we wanted to make sure you received this.


Today, OUSD received official notice from OEA of a strike day on Thursday, February 21, 2019

The District is prepared to minimize the disruption to our students’ learning as much as possible during the strike. Qualified OUSD central office employees and screened temporary teachers will join school principals and site staff to supervise, care for and educate OUSD students.

Are OUSD schools open during the strike?
Yes. All OUSD schools will be open during the strike. Students should attend school during the strike as regular attendance policies apply unless an official announcement is shared from the District.

Is OUSD partnering with the City of Oakland, Boys & Girls Clubs, EBAYC, Oakland Parks and Recreation, parent groups and other organizations to provide “solidarity schools” or alternative school locations?
No. OUSD schools will be open during a strike and the “solidarity schools” are not District sanctioned or sponsored alternatives. 

What can be expected at schools during the strike?
During the strike, OUSD schools will remain open, but it will not be “school as usual”. Principals will have access to appropriate instructional plans that can be implemented. The District anticipates picket lines at our schools and we know that some of our families and students plan to join. We respect and support this decision, but also encourage OEA members and supporters to respect the rights of our students to attend school during a strike. As OEA advised it’s members, picket lines are to remain peaceful and it is illegal to block or physically interfere with anyone crossing the picket line to enter school grounds. This includes in any way interfering with our transportation vendors as they drop off and/or pick-up students. 

Please see the resources linked below for more information and to stay up to date on the teacher strike. The District will continue to provide updates as needed.
Family Resource Guide (available in multiple languages)
Answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about a strike
Visit www.ousd.org/teacherstrike
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