Open PFC Positions - We'd love to have you be a part of the team!
Fri, May 3 2:24pm
Thornhill Elementary

Happy Friday Thunderbirds!

We have the following PFC positions open and we would absolutely LOVE to have you join our team. Have questions? Reach out to the current person holding the position or anyone on the executive committee. We'd really - truly - love to tell you all about it.

We have some super-key positions to fill on our Executive Committee:

  • President Co-Chair. Join our amazing leader, Rex Crum, at the helm next year. We are starting a "rotation" with the Presidency where there will always be one person who is returning along with one new person. This way, there's never a complete transition when two people roll off at the same time and two new people start fresh. Ask him all about it! You do NOT have had to serve any sort of role on the PFC this year to be President - sometimes it helps, but sometimes it helps to have a fresh perspective.

  • Fundraising Vice President. Evaluates programs and establishes funding projections. Works with the Board, staff and faculty to ensure good fundraising communication. Offers assistance and guidance as needed to board members who oversee major fundraisers, such as the Back to School Donation Drive, Walkathon, Readathon, and Benefit Auction.
  • Personnel Vice President. Coordinates in the hiring, support and termination of all PFC employees, although this year with the help of Ed Fund. Handles all employee contracts and is liaison with OUSD on personnel matters. Posts for all job openings and collects resumes on qualified applicants. Puts together interview panels for job applicants. 

We have some (also, super-key) positions to fill on our PFC Board:

  • 5th Grade Chair: Must be 5th grade parent. Organizes any 5th grade fundraisers. Helps with 5th grade specific activities, including overnight activities and yearbook. Manages PFC allocated funds for 5th grade activities.

  • Auction Co-Chairs: Organizes the school's main fundraiser. Creates the theme for the year and works with designers on all printed/web materials for promotions, advertising, catalog, etc. Writes (or delegates) weekly auction updates for the newsletter as needed. Organizes social events to promote the auction and to attract volunteers. Meets regularly with co-chairs and team leaders. Manages or oversees coordination of all auction areas: financial goals, donor solicitations, database entry, facility rental, food and beverage orders, creating or purchasing decorations, setup and take down on day of event, and managing checkout. Provides a budget summary after the funds have been collected. 

  • Grants & Solicitations: Seeks grants that will benefit the school and prepares the grant applications. Responds to requests from teachers regarding grants. Reminds Board about fundraising sources, such as corporate matching funds and United Way. Keeps abreast of new solicitation opportunities.

  • Hospitality: Coordinates the Back-to-School Coffee and Teacher Appreciation Day Luncheon. Makes sure that refreshments are provided at the PFC General Meetings for childcare (e.g., pizza). Coordinates and shares supplies with the various school events each year. May assist with refreshments for other school events (e.g., school site improvement days, retirement celebrations, auction site setup, etc.) Makes available plates, serving utensils, and supplies to teachers/staff for the Volunteer Appreciation event. Recruits volunteers to help pick up lost and found items from the school yard and place on the rack and to wash and donate unlabeled clothing to our Sister School (currently Prescott Elementary) or another charitable cause. Places periodic announcements in newsletter, letting parents know that lost and found donations are pending. 

  • Konstella: Coordinates with school secretary on maintenance of Konstella with the proper information at the beginning of the year. Helps with registration issues. Provides all necessary Konstella training to parents. Staffs the Konstella "desk" during school registration and Back to School Night. Helps the VP of Communications with Konstella blasts throughout the year. Requires 5-10 hours per month and approximately 20 hours at the beginning of the year assigning current parents to their proper classroom and registering new parents in Konstella. 

  • Parliamentarian: Arranges for childcare providers to cover each PFC Board and General Meeting. Gives instructions in parliamentary procedure when needed at meetings. May make a record of all standing rules adopted by the Board. May bring a copy of this record and Robert's Rules of Order to all meetings. Requires an average of 1 hour per month.

  • TK/Kindergarten Co-Chair with Catrina Vrankovich: Organizes school tours for prospective parents in November, December, and January. Organizes playdates at the school for incoming TK/Kindergarten families over the summer. Promotes communication among new TK/Kindergarten parents. Represents TK/Kindergarten families' needs on the Board. Best suited for a current TK/Kindergarten parent with an older sibling and is often a shared position. Requires 2-8 hours per month, more during school tours.

  • Walkathon: Organizes the main fall fundraiser, including theme and related artwork. Prepares all communications for the Walkathon including newsletter articles, e-mails, posters, take-home materials, etc. Orders t-shirts, prizes, and awards. Arranges volunteer help for the day of the event, including coordination of food. Oversees the actual Walkathon. Tabulates and collects pledges. Provides a budget summary as the funds are collected. 

Jump right in and join a group of enthusiastic Thornhill parents working to make our school the best it can be.

Go Thunderbirds!