PFC Presidency News
Mon, Jun 15 9:08am

Aloha, everyone...I have also posted this same notice on the Thornhill parents Facebook page in an effort to reach as many parents as possible...

I hope all of you are having a good break from school, and are adjusting to  what is going to be a different summer break. Normally, the PFC goes on hiatus during this period, but I have a good piece of news to let you know about.

As I am sure you know, I have been serving as PFC President for the past two school years. Because of its duties and responsibilities, this position has historically been a two-person job. However, I have been doing it solo since coming on board, and, well...It is time for that to change.

Which is why I am happy to say that Alicia Streight had volunteered to come aboard as Co-President for the upcoming school year. Some of you may know Alicia already, as her daughter, Ellery, will be in kindergarten at Thornhill in this coming school year. She also has a son, Sam, who is two-and-a-half.  Alicia took over as Hospitality Chair this past school year and, among other things, made sure that kids were fed, and looked after, during the monthly PFC meetings.

Alicia has a professional background in education, is friendly and outgoing and I know she will be a strong addition to the PFC Board in what is going to a be an interesting school year, to say the least. I will be showing her the ropes over the first half of the year as we all adjust to  whatever shape school takes when we return in August. 

Alicia will stay on for a two-year term. After the winter break this year, we will begin actively looking for someone to join Alicia for the second year of her term. The idea is to have a "rolling" presidency where terms overlap, and which will ensure that there is always someone experienced on board. 

Let's welcome Alicia on board. We are all lucky to have a volunteer like her with the PFC.