PG&E Public Safety Power Shutoff and Thornhill
Sat, Oct 24 2:11pm

Good Afternoon Thunderbird families,


We have learned that there is expected to be a major weather event in the coming days that will likely prompt PG&E to issue a Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS) once again. In a worst-case scenario, the PSPS would begin on Sunday, 10/25 and last until Wednesday, 10/28 or later. We have been notified by PG&E that Thornhill is one of several schools that power is expected to be turned off.   Homes in the neighborhoods may be affected, as well. We will know more about the scheduled impact later in the weekend. We will continue to communicate any and all changes from PG&E with you all.


Please note that the outage will also affect several of our staff so they will not be able to do synchronous work. Our teachers are working hard on preparing at least 3 days of asynchronous lesson plans.  We are hopeful that the shutoff will not last the expected length, but we are preparing for the worst-case scenario.


Some of our students and teachers will still be able to do synchronous work so please check on Monday to see if your class is in session online as regularly scheduled.


If your students are unable to attend their classes, they will be asked to do their schoolwork asynchronously, and report to their teacher the first chance they get, letting them know they were unable to get online. Everyone is asked to charge their computers, WiFi hotspots and cell phones ahead of time, so they can do work during the shutoff.


Again, when we receive additional information, we will pass it along to you as quickly as possible.