PLEASE READ: New Konstella guidelines for 2021-22
Fri, Aug 27 2:24pm

Hello Thunderbirds, Welcome to Konstella!

If you’ve been at Thornhill in past years, you know that Konstella is the Thornhill community’s main channel for Parent Faculty Club (PFC) announcements and parent-to-parent communication. As you also know by now, ParentSquare is the new official communications platform for OUSD as well as Thornhill’s administration and teachers.

There are many things Konstella will do for us that ParentSquare can’t do!

We need a space to reach everyone with information about community events, fundraisers, and other activities. PFC committees need a space to brainstorm and plan, and Room Parents in each classroom also need to be able to communicate about class parties, gifts for teachers, etc. Finally, Thornhill families need to be able to find each other for playdates and other kinds of parent-to-parent communication. All of the above is what Konstella is for—you’ll see that you and your child(ren) have been assigned to your classroom groups and any committee you’re in (or join in the future!) will be there. Konstella is also a schoolwide directory—not only can you contact the other parents/guardians in your class, you can search for anyone at the school by name or kid's name.

There are a few small changes this year in how the classroom groups are used in Konstella. If you go to your classroom group, you'll see a note at the bottom saying that only leads can post messages in this classroom—this was at request of the school administration to reserve these classroom groups for Room Parent announcements about classroom events, fundraisers, teacher gifts, etc. When we have a Room Parent for every class (nudge nudge), they'll be the lead and will coordinate this communication. But as noted above, you can use the private messaging feature to reach any other parent or group of parents—direct messages can have multiple people in them. A wonderful feature of Konstella is that as you are conversing, your email address isn’t being shared with the other parent/guardian—it’s all done through the app (or desktop). The parent volunteers who help administer Konstella for setup and troubleshooting do not have access to those private messages.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email Konstella Chair Erin Proudfoot at or myself at Thank you to everyone for your flexibility, patience, and positivity in these first few weeks of another unusual school year!

~Evie Nagy, VP of Communications, Thornhill PFC